Stori Card

Who is Stori? Stori is a Mexican Fintech company, focused on generating access to a credit card to people who need to repair their historial or create new one.

Dynamic content for 4 functionalities

I have been creating solutions for service payments, top ups, payment links and gift cards. focus to improve and create dynamic interfaces.

Gift Cards

Amazing project with more than 20 billers or categories with the aim to get revenues for the company and develop a new functionality for our super-app mini programs.

Service payments

Mini-program with the goal of offering simple solutions to users to manage their payment of public services and add functions to be more friendly, realize or do those kinds of tasks in an automatic way.

Top ups

We work to meet the goal of revamp an existing mini program with the goal to be more user friendly and improve that experience and add new functionalities to increase our OKRs of adoption and recurrence.

Payment links

We created this project to offer our users an alternative for paying their credit card with a payment link that would be paid for their friends and parents through the shared links.

Design by components

Think of modular design as atomic components to improve development performance.