Bank Of Bogota

I worked as a ux ui designer to achieve the ambitious goal of creating a banking portal that will change corporate banking.

My role: UX UI Designer
Year: 2020


This project was born out of the need to offer a modern and scalable solution for the bank's business customers. One of the biggest challenges was to make our product fit the specific needs of the size and type of each company and to adapt it over time.


• Streamline the process of onboarding customers with digital enrollment.

• Allow the platform to be updated quickly according to the bank's business needs.

• Design a structure that would allow companies to acquire more products to meet their needs.

Overview process

Through design thinking as a design methodology, we manage to discover and understand the needs of the business and the users to define in an agile way the MVP in order to deliver value to the customers and receive early feedback.

User research

Deliverables: Benchmark | User persona | Interview reports | Customer journey | Service Blueprint | Architecture Information

Through interviews and hours of workshops with business clients we were able to empathize and identify their main needs Through different methods we sought to obtain valuable information in order to reflect them in the product they expected from our banking portal.


Empathy map

Customer journey

Pain points

• Streamline the process of onboarding customers with digital enrollment.

• Having to use a physical token and the whole application process plus the inconvenience of adding new users.

• Not having a product offer tailored to the company's growth moment.

Defining the MVP

We are trying to answer the question of... How could we create a good hamburger that without some ingredients would still be a hamburger?

Design foundations

Define design guidelines for building visual components and fundamentals such as layout, colors, typography, spacing, shadows, design tokens and communicate with the development team.

User interface

In addition to designing a clear and clean user interface, so that it can represent the company's identity. I designed the user flows and interaction design, designing atomic components that allow quick updates by the development team.

Opportunity amidst the challenges

We took advantage of the need to create a second authentication factor and designed an app that initially solved this problem but in the future could serve as an enterprise app, something that was beyond the scope of the project.


Thanks to the work of a multidisciplinary team, product, design, development and marketing helped us to generate the expected results after the launch of our MVP.

7 Months

to launch our MPV

1.0 x

conversion rate since launch


design system components


• Seeing challenges as opportunities opened the door to exceeding stakeholder and customer expectations.

• Digital transformation is a challenge that not always companies want to do and could generate the demise of a business.

• The perspective offered by multidisciplinary teams helps to build products with a rich vision and focus on user and business objectives.